Ask Me Anything with Grammy Winning Audio Producers | #SoundcoreSundays

Earlier in the week we asked all our fans across social media, if you could ask a Grammy winning audio producer ANYTHING…what would it be?

This was a really insightful look into some of the technical side of being in the studio, but also the fun side of being in the studio. I mean…who doesn’t want to hear about the time Darrell Thorp nearly broke Paul McCartney’s bass…:sweat_smile:

For those without a subscription service -Listen Here



Nice podcast! It was pretty insightful indeed

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Nice Ill have to give this a listen later for sure sounds like a cool topic to me

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I keep forgetting these are on Sunday. Will have to check it out later after sup.

Hope everybody has recovered from the weekend… lol

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got to listen a little during my break so good so far can wait to listen to the rest

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Great podcast @loz and @sean.L especially for your 2nd favorite of all time… right @The_Professor :smirk:

Chemistry you guys have with the guests always impresses

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