Bamboozled by Motion+ Stereo (2x models)

Hey everyone,

I have been the proud and happy owner of a Motion+ for a bit more than a year! Honestly one of the best speakers ever.

As I am learning more about it, I find that you can connect two, and by God, the reviews pulled me in. I had to try it. I decided to buy another during prime day. It just arrived today. As I try to pair them, nothing happen. I resest, them, my phone, the app, my faith, nothing.

After some time I give up, look into why, I then see that both of my speakers have different firmware
I presumed that my old one didn’t have one some reason. More Google, I then find out that there are actually 2 different models, not compatible with each other, via a forum. Does anybody know what will happen? Will another firmware be released? Or shall I simply return my new one?


It depends on how long the model has been out. If it has a different firmware, it has most likely had an update such as a specific feature or something. They are most likely not the same model number.

So they would not be compatible. If they were the same you could have pair two of them together. Soundcore does have speakers with partycast that would allow you to do up to 100 speakers but sadly the motion plus does not have that functionality.

You have one of two options is to return it based on they will not pair or you can contact soundcore support email and see if they can do something to help you out but figure the first option