Been having some issues lately (read inside). Whats the latest firmware for Infini Pro 2.1?

Ok so I would like to know whats the latest firmware Anker sends to people via e-mail/link in order for them to test things out regarding potential troubleshooting issues?
The ones I’ve been having lately with my Infini Pro 2.1:

(I have mine connected as pass-through on my NVIDIA Shield):

1 - Sometimes there is no sound coming out of the soundbar and when I turn it off and on to solve this (it does) but it sometimes plays a LOUD AS HELL squeeking noise when it comes back on, it’s like a high pitch frequency for 1 second but it’s enough to be unbearable and to even scare the sh** out of my dog and my ears too!!! Like wtf Anker?

2 - Sometimes a low buzzing noise plays in the background when viewing media (which muffles the media itself). I have to turn off the soundbar and turn it back on for it to go away