Beethoven Symphony No 8 F major Leonard Bernstein Wiener Philharmoniker

We’re coming to the end of our Beethoven Symphonies conducted by Leonard Bernstein in front of the Vienna Philharmonic journey. There is only 1 left after today. Enjoy.


This one I like most!

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Another nive peace of classics.

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Appreciate the share

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And tomorrow will be this most famous symphony :clap:.

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No 9 is on deck. That’s a good 1. Well to be honest, I think they all are good! Something that needs to be said is these were all recorded live. What skill from the musicians.

Recordings of a symphony orchestra are mostly “live”.
Many studios are too small to get all the musicians in and
there would be not the atmosphere and the acoustic of such a concert hall.

Many of these concert halls have been built under special specifications to achieve
the best acoustical conditions.

By the way there is a “h” missing : Philharmoniker. (Harmony) :wink:
Sorry, an old teacher sees. :laughing:

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Not all are recorded live. I thought since they sound so good it was worth pointing that out.

I just copied and pasted the title from YouTube.

By the way it’s live, not life. :wink:

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Forgive me such a mistake! :grin:
Not my mother tongue…

Will do a correction.

I don’t really care. It was just tit for tat since you pointed out an apparent error in my grammar. I double checked and that’s the way they are posted on YouTube. Maybe it’s something in the translation. :smiley:

PS That’s not my mother tongue either. We would write it as Philharmonic. By the way, I edited the title.

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Claro Steve!
We should never talk about such errors.:smile:
Its not your grammar its the spell of the “Philharmoniker”
I am 1/2 Austrian so I care much about Austria, Vienna and the orchestras there.

I use always the original name as far its possible.

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No worries. I was just messing around. I appreciate you letting me know so I could fix it.

This one might be my favorite so far. It has a very light and spring type feel to it (the season).

Very good recording, can’t wait to get to the ninth.

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