Best Music Videos of 2020

Im not really a music video person myself cause sometimes they really confuse me more but some of them are also really well done.

Out of curiosity do you watch music videos?

  • Yes of Course I love them
  • Sometimes it depends
  • Not really
  • Never

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I’ve never really liked music videos all that much, I think a good song on it’s own should be able to produce a strong visual in the head…

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I enjoy the music the most, but a high production value video adds to the story and makes me re-listen to the song a few extra times

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I usually leave youtube playing in the background and do my other works, however, I sometimes do watch the music video.
And when they are really eye-catching, it just makes me love the music itself more!:blush:
I can share one of these few experience of mine :slight_smile:
(It’s a Korean song, the video is very aesthetic in my opinion)


Will come back to try to watch it…

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Enjoyed the video…

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I’m glad that you liked it :blush:

:slight_smile: Glad you shared it :smile:

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Visually stunning and cool song.

Thanks for sharing with us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course I watch music videos, but not this kind of synthetic and artificial ones.
If an artist is really good he can show his talents on stage.
But I have to admit this is not possible at the moment.

But there were artists on stage were all their “musical art”
was produced by some playback from their studio recordings.

Work on stage is a hard one.
I was a drummer for 5 years in the 1960’s