Best songs to workout with your Soundcore earbuds

Last week I had a water leak where I had to dig up my yard. I did have my spirit X earbuds and some tunes to keep me busy. My issue is that I realized my body is more out of shape than it has been :weary:and I need to lose a few pounds. What are some good workout song? Plus wish me luck as motivation and time are not my friends. Lol

“Roll in the barrel”
“Whiskey in the jar” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Eye of the tiger is always a good one

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Just play some calm, peaceful music while laying on the couch and be content lol

Go for bohemian rhapsody :joy:

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I will purposely stay in the car and listen to the entire thing if that comes on, no matter of I am running late for anything.

Too many to list on my playlist, my main ones for pushing hard to the finish would be;

In A Big Country by Big Country :laughing:
Vehicle by The Ides Of March
Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor
All Right Now by Free

Gettysburg. William Tell overture.

You should watch them first. Just listening doesn’t have the same impact!

Any alternative/hard rock for me.

Wish me luck on trying to get motivated. It is hard to be motivated when you get up at 5 to get kids to school, work, take them to practice, home, homework and settled down by 8. Lol. Got a couple of thoughts to increase fitness into busy day.

No doubt you’ll soon be smashing workouts…Keep it short and simple to start with, even just 10-15 minutes a day of moderate exercise can be a good starting point, so try to make a mental note to set aside this amount of time to start with…

Have a look on YouTube their are a number of free channels which give some good beginner workouts (normally based around HIIT) which are tailored to be full body workouts but with minimal space, time or equipment needed…

I been walking during lunch and have some 20 lbs weights to use. Will start to do sit up n push-up to start. lol

No such exercises and got old! :joy:

I am getting there. 48 1/2.

Never too late Franz :wink:

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Find someone at work you can compete and challenge yourself against. That’s what I did when I was working…and hopefully will continue since iij finally get to go back to work tomorrow.

He would push me to do more cardio and I would push him to lift more weight.

There’s gotta be some app we can all get an compete against each other. Anyone know?

That’s my grandma and Ggandpa! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Eye of the tiger!!! :running_woman:t3::dash:

@Duane_Lester I used Apple Music and search fitness playlists or motivation playlists for my workouts. But then again I like up tempo BPM dance/tropical house music. But they do have various genres for workout playlists.

Spotify free version worked well too, and found the playlists were actually better than Apple Music. But the ads on Spotify without premium can get annoying.