Best Workout Earbuds

I have both the liberty neo and the spirit X, definitely the spirit X for workouts. No question.


Would love to get my hands on a pair of Spirit X for my training and workouts in the off-season.

With that being said, they aren’t TWS. Which is better, @Loz, the Liberty Air or Liberty Neo?

Oh wait nevermind I thought you said lite :laughing::laughing:

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I can recommend those for workouts ans sport.
The ear hooks are smooth and fitting perfectly.
I don’t know why you need the TWS spec.

Regarding the Liberty Air/Neo you should read reviews at ANKER’s forum.

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You really can’t go wrong with either one, but I have both and I prefer to use the Neos because I can use them independently, and call quality is better than the Liberty Air

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I found with my Soundbuds slims, that the cord would sometimes tug with certain exercises. It’s really not a big deal but having TWS takes that out of question.

I love the Spirit X. Anything without the ear hooks fall out of my ears. The cord sometimes gets off center and hangs low on the right side because of the controls adding extra weight. So, I am really looking forward to the Spirit X2.

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Yes. The X2s look nice

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I use the Spirit sports earphones while my gf prefers to use the life 2.

Looking at the Spirit X2, I bet they would be pretty good working out. You have ear hooks and no cords at all and they have the same sweat proof protection

I’m patiently waiting for the X2 to go in sale so I can get my pair

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Well I won that pair of earbuds in the powerdraw… I can never remember the name, i just remember that they’re the pair @Tank did a review on. Btw great review Rob, it must be good considering how much I think about lol.

I’ll see how those are for workout, though I’m not expecting exercise to be there strong point…

The Soundcore Sport air is what I had and that you won

How is this desease called?
Alzhuber, Alzmüller, something like that should be…
I can never remember the name! :rofl:

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