Bluetooth mic stopped working recently

My mic on my P3 won’t work. I’ve tried to call several people including landlines and it seems as though anyone with an Android can’t hear me but I can hear them. They did originally work but then android released a new update and since then it hasn’t work.

Life P3 Firmware version 07.07
phone - Samsung a71 Android version 12. I have tried everything from resetting earbuds to charging Bluetooth settings.

I’d there’s is any other fixes I can do, I will try.

Thank you!!

I remember there was a discussion about Android were more adjustments could be done
in the so called “developer’s mode”.
But you should wait if there are more specific answers from other regulars.

When you hook them up with your Android, you should be able to check if you want to use them with music and phone calls.

I would forget the pairing, reset the buds, and then attempt to re-pair them.

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