Bluetooth transmitter USB PC to Q30

Hi all… recently took delivery of my Q30 headphones… quite impressed.

However… I made the mistake of assuming they came with a Bluetooth transmitter for a PC. Do you have any recommendations?

The q30 have BT in them.

Your pc should or would think it had BT potentially depending on what you have.

In the search menu type in Bluetooth, it should pull up some options for you. One section should allow searching for devices to add a bt device

I’ve never seen a BT headphone that comes with a transmitter. They have a built-in receiver. I’m with @Duane_Lester thinking your PC should have BT (transmitter) built in.

I use my q30 on the work laptop or at home.

What does your pc run? It has been a while since I ran Linux and I do not think it should be much different as any of them. If your BT is messed up. Anker has a few transmitter/receivers they sell as well.

First you should find out if your PC has a built in bt card.
I assume you are using MS Windows on this PC.
If there is such an inbuilt card make sure you are using the bt driver offered by the manufacturer of the card instead of the Ms default one.
All should work now.
If there is no built in bt card you should use a bt dongle.
There are many around so I can not give you a special tip.

I have an Anker set, which is a couple of years old, which came with the BT transmitter.

This set is for work use. Any BT devices I’ve had, has always come with the transmitter. Buying one will be my only option, apart from using my phone. I’m more concerned that I may be buying one that just won’t work with the Q30 and spending valuable beer funds.

Never had Bluetooth dongle so can’t give any advice on those

Check out the Avantree DG80 or C81, they are BT audio only devices and should work with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

I have builtin BT but I was looking at one myself as they are similar to the UC dongles with Plantronics and Bose for MS Teams, etc. They have them on Amazon so you can return it if it doen’t work on your computer.