Boom 2 Boomalishes

I’ve pretty much owned about every Bluetooth speaker on the market, and for the price YOU CAN’T TOP SOUNDCORE !!
I own the Boom and Boom 2.
Both speakers blow away everything else of similar size and style. I consistently get comments like “WOW i thought that music was coming from a much bigger speaker than that”. And I love being able to tell people that it’s NOT a JBL or BOSE. And that I paid a quarter of the price they charge.
Anyways, keep up the good work and thank you for the EARGASSEMS.

Oh I totally agree. JBL and Bose are terribly priced for what they are, and soundcore just does a better job. They have much more bass, and sound, for an affordable price. Getting something like the boom 2 at JBL would cost over 250. I love telling people about soundcore, and battling against other speakers to show soundcore is superior.