Boom 2 Review (wow)

So im new to Sound Core Portable speakers and I’ve recently purchased the Boom 2.

At first play with the signature EQ i wasn’t impressed with the sound quality at mid-range BUT being able to tweak the EQ to a custom setup this speaker is breathtakingly loud and punchy for such a compact unit!

My only criticism would be wishing that you could sync the lights in the radiators (i know that would be hard) sometimes the light explodes colour on after bass pops like its delayed.

Overall i would highly recommend this to friends, family and colleagues!!

Hi! Recently purchased Boom2 and it lacks trebles absolutely, whatever EQ i choose, presets or manual. Latest FW. Compared to Heavenly ideal Motion+ : What do You think, is my new speaker faulty? It sounds very bassy, boxy, muffled… UPD: reason: enable “speaker prompts” and restart speaker, high frequencies will return. If speaker prompt are off - preEQ won’t load and sound quality will be awful, without trebles. Hope Soundcore will fix this bug. UPD2: today firmware update fixed this issue, all good.