Boom 2 sound issue

Hello, I just received my Boom 2 and I started to test some music, but I heard crackling/rattling noise coming from one of the passive radiators (right one, left is fine). So I played a bass test from YouTube at 40%-60% volume. From about 50hz to 60 hz this rattling is easily hearable. My eq settings are default with bass button turned on, with bass off this is also hearable just not as much.
I contacted support and still waiting for their response, but I am just curious is someone have similar problem. I know a little about speakers and I didn’t immediately turn on the music at 100% just wanted to burn them in, but even at 40% volume you could hear these unpleasant sounds.

Depending on when the email was sent, they should get with you probably in a day or two after the email. (ie if Friday then it would be Monday or Tuesday).

Think you did the right thing and just have to wait for response and potential questions from them and what to do to get it fixed or etc.

i am facing same after bass test did u find any solition?