[CA] plain Jane vanilla - Soundcore speaker (upgraded) $41.99 on sale

If you are looking for a plain speaker, one of the originals, the soundcore speaker can be had for $41.99 if you claim the coupon… not the lowest price, but not a bad one either…


On some things, I see that an upgrade would be good on but unsure on the upgrade of the speaker with 2 others out there (2 and 3).

I do like upgrades of a few things as they maybe difference than some of the other items (spirit X was upgraded with a better battery ).

Good find though…

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Thanks for finding and sharing this offer.

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They have a similar deal that popped up US feed yesterday. Good deal. But I’d rather spend a little extra and get one of the newer ones.

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Still a nice reliable speaker thanks for sharing!

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Nice deal for you guys North of the border. Thanks for sharing! :+1: