[CA] tough decision.... liberty air 2 pro or liberty 2 pro that is the question

Shakespeare never had it so tough I’m sure…

But here is a decision that maybe be a tough one.

The liberty air 2 pros are currently on discount on amazon,ca …
Listed - $169.99
Discounted to - $139.99 (black only w/ clippable coupon)
Liberty air 2 pro - amazon.ca

The liberty 2 pros are also currently on discount on amazon.ca…
Listed - $169.99
Discounted to - $129.99
Liberty 2 pro - amazon.ca

Would be difficult to choose, no doubt, each has some strong pluses…

Which would you pick?

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As you asked the question, I’m forced intellectually to offer up the 3rd option - neither.

Technology improves, within months of a technology purchase, something newer better comes along.

So it isn’t just which is better, do you need it now? Can you wait? What you have now, can it last longer?

People who seek out technology can suffer from N+1. N = what you have now. N+1 = you have a perceived lack so buy more. N+1 people have a draw of unused products.

Don’t get me started on when N+1 people then talk about environmental impact and want to buy spares. Grrrr.

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There is scene in “Onion Movie” that describes n and n+1generations in computers :rofl:


If I had to pick between the two , I would say the air 2 pro.

The Liberty 2 pros although great has been out for a while. The ANC and the different between the sound quality does not have a tremendous gap between them.

Since the Liberty 2 pros has been out for a bit, there is a potential that the newest versions will be here soon.

Also as stated there has been many times I got something just to find out that weeks or less, I got have got something better.

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I suggest the which is better debate is for those with old / bust / lost prior purchase. Either LA2P or L2P are well reviewed.

It’s just that the person who is in a “which is best” mindset is going to cook up disappointment when better inevitably comes out.

The fact that Soundcore is doing the hint phase now of the Life headsets probably means the L2P successor is not soon, from a marketing perspective launch events need gap between for the hint then reviews one month minimum period.

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If you’re like me and don’t like stem style earbuds and watch reviews where people are still sayin the liberty 2 pro has best sound even over these I think decision is easy… go with liberty 2 pro… but if ya want anc and transparency and stem style go with air 2 pro. For pure sound I don’t see anything touching the liberty 2 pro until soundcore releases the 3 pro with similar set up like the 11mm driver and balanced armature in each liberty 2 pro earbud!! Best of luck either way and please keep us posted with what ya go with!! On sidenote liberty 2 pro are on sale for 99.99 in both colors on amazon right now

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Nice deal on both personally I like the Liberty 2 pro as I find the noise canceling on the air 2 pro mix lacking

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So good, that I am not familiar with such earbuds.

To be or not to be?..
Dobedobedooo with a good speaker. :grin:

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I don’t have the Liberty Air 2 Pro, and only the L2P, and just based on the experience and audio quality - would say this is the great.

There is definitely a successor on roadmap for L2P (may be a L3P … may be or whatever it is) … so unless this is something you need immediately… I would wait for some more time :slight_smile:

else it does not hurt getting either of them :smiley:

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@The_Professor In my opinion, the existence of N + 1 people is financially beneficial for the average person. The rapid development of new products means that older products have to be sold quickly. In order to sell quickly, you need to lower the price quickly and strongly. In this way, people N can buy a given product (only a little older) much cheaper.
Unfortunately, there is a great danger that people N will also quickly become N + 1.:frowning: New technologies and buying are addictive.

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Also means products very similar to each other, confusion on the consumer’s part.

The notion of cheaper for older is a fake notion, the manufacturer has a margin in mind and more products just lowers the margins as the development and packaging costs of each very-similar-products is passed on as higher price to you. So consumers are worse off, not better off. You may feel better off…

If your point is true then the existence of Q35 will then mean you’re more likely to buy the Q30 as its then discounted more as not the latest greatest?


I placeholder name it L3P too.

The reviews of the L2P vs LA2P seem overall on balance to say the audio quality of the L2P is the better, but the quantity of comments on ANC and ambient mode makes me feel they have to add these to the “L3P”. So then when I look at teardown of ANC products, I see a microphone facing the ear, and when I see a teardown of the L2P I see the armature and the driver and wonder how the hell are you going to fit a microphone between the armature and the ear?

I’m interested in the engineering.

I’d not buy them, regardless, as in-ear things fall out or cause me ear ache, so not paying >$100 for that! I have LA2 seldom used already, and prefer over-ear which is why I bought the Q30.

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@The_Professor If it weren’t for N + 1, now MAYBE we could buy Q 10.
And the community would probably not exist, because it would be unnecessary.
You wrote yourself that the differences are minimal between consecutive products, so why pay more?
But in the case of Q35 it is a bit different, as many bugs can be corrected: maybe a better sound (my priority), maybe a better look (I don’t like the gilding - Q30 logo), maybe a more durable case and maybe the problems with connecting to Windows will disappear 10.It can be a product as good as Liberty 2 Pro. If it were, I would wait a few months for bug fixes, opinions and for a new model for Q40 (?).
Then I do not need the latest technology - I will be glad to buy Q35 on sale .:slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think we can say Q10 are N, Q20 are N+1 and Q30 are N+2 generation heaphones. All of them belong to different price segments.
We can say Life 2 is N and Q20 is N+1.

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@VertigoXX I referred to the words @The_Professor:
“People who seek out technology can suffer from N+1. N = what you have now. N+1 = you have a perceived lack so buy more.”
My point was that if there were no “N + 1” people (ie constantly wanting newer technology), “maybe” we would stop at Q10, because there would be no demand for more products in the near future. In my opinion, the “N + 1” people caused us to launch new headphones every few months, for example the Q series.

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I have both, and like each for different reasons.

The L2P has great sound, passive noise cancellation and unparalleled battery life v LA2P

The LA2P has better call quality, fitment and asthetics

Both share enhancements through hearid and in app eq.

If ANC isnt a need, I’d offer the L2P the better of the two, but not by as much as one would think.

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Soundcore is buying the parts the teardowns show them, so underlying innovation is happening anyway. So it’s just packaging of what to assemble, what parts, the cost Vs benefits impact.

Having frequent product releases does not accelerate innovation, it just causes more products, with downside of less support per product.

I’d advise Soundcore to wait til the underlying technology has improved sufficient to justify a new product, some years that may be once in a year, possibly two in other years.

Also the nearly identical products just cause downsides of consumer confusion and N+1 of otherwise fine units becoming idle.

The chipsets are public knowledge, a year ago there was Bluetooth 5.2 and more advanced multimode, I’d suggest wait til you can make a reliable product based on them.

I also think our views won’t cause any changes as we don’t understand their business as well as they do. For example, I don’t really know why the online Vs offline identical versions.

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Ok. Each generation, in theory, gets a little better with each new generation. But sometimes the “next” generation actually takes huge strides toward. Much like the life Q appears to be poised for on this upcoming iteration. So I’d say if you were worried of such things that you would be very safe getting the pros without fear of needing to upgrade as soon as you get them. Based on the technology leap with the architecture design you might well be good for a couple generation strides. Hope this helps. I know all too well how hard it can be to pull the trigger on something yer very passionate about. :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Liberty 2 Pro is 2 months old and I would not buy any other headphones. I did not expect their sound to be so good👋🏻. A really exceptionally good product - I haven’t had any problems with it so far👍🏻

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I am always missing one generation to get major upgrade :smiley:

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