Can Life Q35's aux be switched to a USB-C to C?


Would it be possible to create an aux that is USB-C to C to connect to my phone, instead of the 3.5mm? I ask because my new phone doesn’t have a hole to insert the aux, just for C to C. And yes, I bought an adapter. Still. lol My question stands. I would rather have one by Soundcore.

There are probably such devices made by Anker.
You should do a search, or better ask the support.

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It all depends on if the phone has that functionality built in it. I know Apple is going away from some of that and so has the newest Galaxy.

It probably won’t be long that wireless headsets will remove the cable n ports as well and use that space for other functions.

Good luck on search.


In my opinion placing two different aux cables to the box wouldn’t be wise. Try to search cable from Anker.

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The USB-C port is only for charging on the Q35’s. It’s not an audio input. At least that’s the way I understand it.