Cannot control volume for Soundcore liberty air on Zoom

For some reason I cannot turn the volume down or control the volume only on Zoom. I have tried opening the mixer on my MSI and and even when it is right down it is so loud. All other applications Youtube etc work perfectly. Only Zoom. Can anyone help?

I do not have the air 2 but there should be tons on the zoom issues.

I believe the issue was mir of software vs device.

Thanks! What is MIR and how do I resolve?

LOL I think it was suppose to be the word more than mir. Basically it may be more Zoom communication with the airs

If I have playstation or xbox controller that works with their system but if I want to use them on the pc with some programs, I may have to assign or change the values through the program that I am using (such as steam). Other programs you have to map those functionality for say an emulator or etc.

So your airs may work but in zoom but it may not be able to control the volume in zoom. When I use zoom a, I only use usb headset, I have had to change some setting to get them to work appropriately. So I have not tried wireless ones yet as I am at work and my work suppresses any Bluetooth

So it may be that you have to change a potential setting here or there to get that functionality to work or it may not be able to detect that functionality.