Cannot pair phone to Soundflare

Cannot pair Galaxy Android phone to Soundflare. It says it needs an app - I’ve got the app !

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You don’t need any app to pair that speaker with a phone.
Make sure the bluetooth is activated on your phone.
Make sure the bluetooth is activated on the speaker.
If so, the speaker now should show up after a while on you bluetooth list of the phone and you can connect it.
The app you mentioned is for updates and equalizers so far I know.

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We’ve seen that message before.

Uninstall the app.

Delete the pairing (although this error often stops you pairing).

Disable Bluetooth.

Wipe cache, either boot to recovery, wipe cache, boot. Or settings, apps, system processes, Bluetooth, force stop, clear cache, reboot.

Enable Bluetooth, pair.

Should now work.

Install app. Connect.

Let us know either way how it goes, this worked last time so curious if luck or a proven fix.

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@dolansusan Normally, the Soundcore Flare speaker works properly with a Bluetooth device without the Soundcore APP. In your case, please try holding the “BassUP” and “Play/Pause” buttons for 8S at the same time to reset. When it reset successfully, the bass up and light indicators will flash twice and the speaker will power off. You can also test the speaker with another phone to see if it helps.