Can't answer calls

Just setup the my ear buds, very impressed, have a problem though I’m a long distance truck driver and having followed the instructions I can get them to accept a phone call. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Rich

For the liberty air 2 to answer a call you have to touch the earbud twice. The same goes for ending a call.

3 versions of this, each little different. You probably can’t tell which.

Go into the app and look at the button settings.

The manual says double tap for mine

The app says otherwise

So probably the app controls the options when playing media while if the phone rings then the manual applies?

Thanks for your reply, have tried everything in the manual and on the website, still can’t get it to answer calls. Bit confused over the wording of “button” there isn’t a button, I’ve tried tapping where it says doesn’t seem to do anything! Rich

Hi, thanks for the reply, tapping the ear bud twice doesn’t do anything. When I tap it I can hear a beeping sound but that’s all. On set up it doesn’t give up an option to set a default to answer a call! Rich

I’ve just tried mine, double tap answers call.

Do you have Bluetooth settings enabled for calls? Each phone is unique but to illustrate this is mine

My settings in app don’t mention calls.

I just double tap the round part of the right bud as shown in manual.

If you’re show different firmware you have a different of one the 3 versions all called Liberty Air 2.

Hi, thanks again for trying to sort this problem, I’ve checked Bluetooth is set to answer calls, that’s ok. I’ve unpaired them and re-paired them, checked I have the latest firmware installed (01.60) still won’t answer calls which is the one thing I need working. It plays music no problem. At a loss as my old PLT Legend I could answer by voice or just tap the headphone. I’ll persevere for a couple of days while I’m out and about playing with them and see what happens, it will be a shame to return them over this problem. Many thanks Rich

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do you have two different Bluetooth connection for the earbuds? A right and left? (Which you should depending on the phone) have you ever noticed which earbud you take out first and try to use that one earbud as the one to answer calls?
Really odd that it’s not working.
Try contacting support maybe they can help.

It could be a dud unit but that feels unlikely in this description of the issue.

So it’s going to be repeating ourselves unfortunately. Are you absolutely sure you actually reset, connect power to case and press hold until the buds flash red then wait for quite some time. Ensure only pair with phone and if you did ever pair with anything else delete those pairings and disable their Bluetooth.

Then also do all the obvious things with phone, turn it off.then on and if Android delete the cache.

Hi, thanks for your reply, I have 2 Bluetooth connections showing, 1 for both and another for the Left ear pod. I always take the left one out to use as it’s my best ear for sound. Tried again today put the right one in could use it on a call but still had to use the phone screen to answer. I’m at a loss as to what is going on with them, I’ll try support and see if they have any idea’s. Thanks Rich

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Hi Professor, I’ve only ever paired them to my phone. I seem to have run out of thing’s to try. I did manage to use it today to talk on a call but that was the right bud and I still had to use my phones screen to answer it!!!. Thanks to you all for your time and patience trying to help me out. Thanks Rich

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Did you email support yet?

Your options are to initiate warranty or put up with it. You’ve done a good job of trying here!

Mine work fine so I don’t think it’s give and return, I’d say email and warranty replacement.