Can't pair Life Q35 with Linux Mint

Hello, and good day to you all.

I have a pair of Q35 headphones. I can pair them without any problems with my phone, with windows 10, but I cannot get it to pair on Linux mint. Both windows and linux are on the same laptop, so it’s not a hardware fault, but rather a software one.

I previously had a pair of Q30, and those paired fine with linux mint. But I ended up returning them because the anc wouldn’t work when using the aux input which is very important to me.

I have seen other problems of people having problems pairing other soundcore bluetooth devices to ubuntu, but their solutions do not seem to fix my issue.

Has anybody managed to pair the Q35s with linux mint, ubuntu or debian? Any thoughts what could my issue be related to?

Thank you.

Sorry I dont have such Q35.
But all other device paired perfectly with LINUX MINT.
Have you tried to do a pairing with “blueman”?
Here is more to be seen without going into the command level.

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Yes, I have. I also have the latest firmware update on the Q35. But the q30s I returned did work fine with linux mint.

Did it!
I purged blueman from the system, reinstalled and voilá. It now works.
Thank you.


I remember there was an update of that blueman lately.
Hope you do all updates which show up via “MintUpdate”. :smile: