Can't record voice notes in whatsapp with liberty 3 pro

Hello there
I can’t record wharsapp voice messages or even normal voice recording in my phone using my liberty 3 pro
I’ve tried resetting it, but it still doesn’t work
I can use it normally in calls and vidoes, but didn’t try it for video recording
Plz help me

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Just because the device is not working with the voice messages may not mean there is an issue with Liberty 3 Pro.

It could be how either the app is working or the phone is functioning.

I am not able to use the earbuds from Soundcore when I try to record my voice for missed calls but can for other things. Phone and audio is the main option for the earbuds in their BT setting.

I know several have had issues to try to get the device to work with their meeting apps but some of it has to do with the settings and not the device.

A phone like Apple (I think) would make it easier for their earbuds to link and be used easier than it would be for a non Apple device, per say.

I would say check the setting and see what works or what may not work…

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Thanks alot for your reply
I’ve checked the setting, but everything is ok.
I can make calls and listen to music and watch videos without any problem, but unfortunately can’t record audio
I have a samsung galaxy A6plus,don’t know if the problem is device compatibilty?

did you find a solution for this issue?

Unfortunately, no solution found. So i’ve returned the product

Xiaomi Android user here. Same issues with with Space A40! I didn’t have this issue with Soundore P3i on the same exact phone :confused:

The earbuds mic only works when making/receiving phone calls.

I’ve also tried resetting buds, deleted pairing, reconnected, checked in the Bluetooth options, and whatsapp options. No luck.

Has anyone found a solution yet? After reading around, it seems to be quite common with other Soundcore earbuds.