Carlos Santana passed out on stage


Hope he will recover soon. Thanks for sharing

Oh dear, someone has been working too hard. Hope he can take it easy and recover soon.

He is 74 now time to retire and if he feels like it go to a local pub and sing no more big tours

I’m glad he’s alright. I’ve been to many concerts at Pine Knob Music Theatre. It’s an open air venue. Great place to see a show.

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I figured a stage performance would be a dehydrating experience. Drink drink drink


I’m happy to hear that.

I saw Santana back in the late 70’s at Masonic Auditorium in Detroit. It’s an old beautiful Theater that only seats about 4000 people. There was 2 shows that night and I was at the late show (( think it started at 11 PM). They had Pald Trees on stage. It was a great concert!!!

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