Charging case drain battery faster than normal

Hi I think my liberty 3 pro charging case drain battery faster than normal, after I put the earbuds in the charging case, lights quickly goes to one light, is it normal? The earbuds battery last normal, around 6,7 hours but I have to charge the case almost every day, I use the earbuds for around 8,9 maximum in a day

It happens to me, it turns out that it is a battery problem in the case, it happens the same with my liberty air 2 pro, they returned my money, but they left me the product, I tried to solve it on my own. change it for AAA 3.7 350mah, the original battery is 3.7v 500 mAh. It won’t have the same performance, but it will work. but, you must have some technical knowledge to do so. it is best to use the guarantee of your product.

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If under warranty you can contact support

If you do not have info for warranty (ie paid cash n did not copy receipt), you can try if under 18 months bur they do offer the cases for about 30 percent of full cost

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Thank you!