Charging Case flashing and doesn't charge :(

My Liberty 2 Pro charging case doesn’t charge or turn off my earphones anymore. When I open the case it just flashes all three LEDs 5 times. I read suggestions to open the case and hold the power button for 10 seconds but they all say that the earphones need to be in the case and my case isn’t registering them existing.
I’ve done nothing different today that I haven’t done with the earphones or the case on a regular day and I can’t think what caused this.
Thanks in advance!

I’d cover the obvious basics first and work you way up.

Try different charging cable and charger. The fault could be the case isn’t getting charged so that is tripping up everything else.

Once you’re sure it’s a good proven working cable and charger, then plug in overnight ignoring charging lights. To help ensure its actually charged.

Then when the case is still connected to power, then follow the reset instructions.

If you do all the above it covers what support would ask anyway before moving onto if hardware issue.

I would do everything the professor says as well as changing outlet you use and not just the charger. I once had a fuse go and couldn’t figure out why things weren’t charging until later. Also if none of that works then I would reach out to

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Quick way to check case status for charge, close the lid and press the button on the back of the case by the charge port.

It should put the leds on so you know case battery status.

Also if you have the app installed, you can at least get a sense of battery life on the earbuds.

As for them not charging, perhaps check and clean the contacts on both the earbuds and the case.

If the pins in the case are sticky, that may be one reason they aren’t charging.

Hope you are able to find resolution with any of the other posts, or that above. Failing all, support would be a good decision to reach out to.

After using my Anker Soundcore Note E earphones, I placed them in their case and began charging them, but all I got was a three light led that flashed rapidly for hours and the earbuds didn’t charge at all. Could you perhaps assist me as I am quite upset that only five months after purchasing it, I am already experiencing issues? :frowning:

You’re best bet would be to contact Support. We don’t work for Soundcore. Heck for that matter I don’t think anyone that works for them visits this Forum anymore. It’s a sad state of affairs.

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Ask the support directly.
They will be happy to answer your questions.
The employees from the support don’t visit this forum anymore

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Mine has the exact same problem- and I dont know how to work the customer support