Charging for R50i NC

How do I know when the battery is low and full when charging? for R50i NC

Unsure as this is different than previous earbuds as there is a bar instead of 3 dots. The manual should give you some indication. If I had to guess the light bar should give you some indication. (When you said battery, I am guessing the case battery) With the 3 dots they gave an indication of a certain percentage (3 dots- 70 to 100, 2 dots 30 to 70, and 1 dot was 0 to 30 for the case)

If it is the earbuds then you should be able to look at the BT to see the percentage and I think there should be some indication on the case for how long the buds to charge. (If it says a quick charge ie 2 hours for say 5 min then you could estimate the earbuds charge with the max earbud chargeā€¦ so if an 8 hours max would mean 20 min charge for example.)