Chirping sound when touching Lib 3 Pro

Hello folks, my Liberty 3 Pro are about 11 months old. Recently, whenever I touch the left ear bud, there is a chirping sound. No issue with right, only the left. It does this no matter battery % remaining. There is no chirping sound while wearing them normally, just the chirping when making hand contact with ear bud. Other than the chirping, the sound quality is still exceptional.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Did you change some of your buttons functions? Which device as well?

I am wondering if you are holding them for a few seconds and activating one of functions… ie if an android my Liberty air 2 pros activate Google assist and it makes a sort of chirp sound.

So if it that or if you changed it to say next track but do not have a specific app that would use the next track then it may seem to be a chirp with no functionality…

Good questions and thanks for replying. As far as the model, I have Liberty 3 Pro earbuds. It makes the quick chirp sound immediatly when casually touched. It does not seem to matter what app I am using. I get the same issue if I am listening to Spotify, or watching a movie on HBO, Netflix etc. The device I am connected to does not seem to matter either as I use them with both a Galaxy Tab and my Galaxy S21 Ultra. Earbuds and all devices are fully updated.

Device was more Apple or Android…

As I do not have the Liberty 3 pro I think the chirp could be one of the function you can set in the app. I would check the different setting on those

I will go into the settings later today and post the results. Thanks again to all for the suggestions.

Checked all button settings and firmware version…
All press/touch settings on devices are set to off and firmware is fully updated.
Left ear bud still chirps if touched. Dissappointing as these were my favorite ear buds :slightly_frowning_face: