Connect flare+ with flare 2

I’m having problems connecting my flare+ with my flare 2 for stereo sound.
There is connection on my IPhone with both devices as well as on my app. But I can’t play ‘m together.
Am I doing something wrong or isn’t it possible to connect two different flare types?

We had this discussion in a different thread but short answer is Flare+ cannot pair with Flare 2

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Must say its a bit disappointing that sites who sell Flares are lacking this information.

Gr Vinny

Yea I agree with you on that. I had to do some digging to find the information but thankfully it was available when I was finding it compared to when people were trying to figure all that out during the “launch” of those features. But you do have great speakers so have fun and enjoy!

Hello !

What about Stereo pairing a flare+ and a flare S+ ? Is it possible ?

As far I know only Flares from the same type can be paired.
But I am not really sure about.
What you can definitely not pair is a TWS speaker with such one got Partycast.

Not the speaker man but I was thinking they had to be the same models of the same peakers even. Although for some reason, I was thinking that with partycast speakers you could cross connect them.

Flare S+ doesn’t support TWS. The only way to get TWS with Flare+ is to pair with Flare. I’m not too sure about Flare Mini

Flar+ can TWS pairing with Flare, Flare Mini and Flare+. The Flare 2 support Partycase, it cannot TWS pair with Flare, Flare Mini and Flare+ speaker.

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Flare mini has TWS too.

Do I understand correctly?

I thought Partycast was not stereo. It delivers mono to each speaker.

The only stereo is TWS.

So you can only do Partycast compatible upto 100 speakers to spread mono physically wider and aggregate more volume, or you can stereo separate two TWS like model.

Is that right or wrong?

I see mention of pairing and stereo above which is wrong if I’m correct.

Yea but I just wasn’t sure if it would pair with Flare+ :sweat_smile:

@Logically, PartyCast is mono only but the limit is not 100 speakers. You can pair more than 100 speakers in mono. Idk what you are looking at which is incorrect but could be someone speculating

Too many models of that Flare and paring modes.
What about a pairing matrix! :joy:

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Was this

the blurring of word pairing with word stereo. Only certain combinations are stereo.

Oh yea that was a question and I answered that maybe 1 or 2 replies later