Connector / optional mini-case for true wireless earphones

While the Liberty series cases are typically diminutive to begin with, I find that I don’t always want to add the bulk to my pocket, and would appreciate a way to just carry the earphones by themselves and for them to stay together. Especially since I don’t find I need to constantly charge them.

Do you commonly find yourself in the same situation?
What do the folks at Anker, and fellow enthusiasts think of the following suggestions? As far as I know, Anker doesn’t provide any of these for their true wireless earphones, so correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Magnetized earphones that stick together.
  • Optional silicon (or similar) string that connects the two earphones.
  • Optional slim/minimal non-charging container.

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I have an idea for liberty air that could work. A rubbery slip, that can slide on each stem, and holds the buds right together.

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That’s a great suggestion. I think it can fall under the third polling option.

Im not a huge fan of magnetics in earbuds that arent necessary. A magnetic field can affect how electronic components respond and I would be worried that they could affect full dynamic range performance.

Not necessary, it’s certainly a convenience.

A few years ago, I would have expected magnets to affect sound quality as well, but having used earphones (including Soundcores) that do a pretty good job shielding the field, I’m sure it can be accomplished at some point with true wireless earphones as well. In fact, Liberty’s and other brand-name earphones already use magnets to snap-fit into their charging cases.

This is why I said “could” affect. The trouble I see is the amount of time and resources to pour into “nice to have” features I would rather see poured into improvements that make the system even more refined. For instance, a vehicle with a tow winch but always seems to get stuck in 1 inch of snow or one that has enough power to avoid being stuck in the first place. Its not that I wouldnt take it, its just I would prefer it to be the last thing when you run out of great improvements.

With the speed with which Anker has been innovating, I think they lack in neither time nor resources.
Developing nice to have features do not necessarily slow down “under the hood” developments.

Agreed, it just seems that when they improve the main features that much they pop out a new device. Nice to haves dont usually end up being added over time, more in a redesign.