Constant buzz when hooked up via aux - soundcore motion+

When I connect the motion+ via aux and no sound is playing, I get a constant background buzz. Is this normal?
It is very small but it still bothers me so if there is a way to remove it, it would be great.
Any help is appreciated,

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Does it occur with multiple cables? In my past experience, buzzing when using an aux connection was almost always a problem with the cable.

It can be the cable but it also can be if you’re in contact with a AC-DC conversion something (charger etc). This induces a hum into any amplifier and is cured by earthing. Humans are good conductors so if you are near a converter and the speaker you can be the cause also.

I’m using the original cable included in the packaging.
Also, I forgot to mention that the continues also if the second end of the aux cable isn’t connected to anything. This might mean that it’s because of the cable, as you suggest.

Is this a new thing with the cable or has always been this way?

To test the cable… try another AUX cable and see if the issue is the same.


I’ve done some testing around with the cable after @element321 and @andyscomp03 told me that it could be a problem with the aux cable itself and I’ve noticed that it has nothing to do with the cable at all. The buzzing sound is also there when the cable is not connected and in bluetooth mode. It stops only for a couple of seconds when I plug/unplug the aux cable and when the speaker is off.
At this point I think that it’s either a standard feature in all speakers or that my speaker has a bug that can’t handle silence as output.

Can you tell me if you hear the same thing as I do?

How to replicate: Make sure to be in a silent room. Turn on your soundcore motion+ and don’t connect it to anything. Hold the speaker near your ears. You should hear something that sounds like pink noise.

Thank you all for your help


could you test it if hear the noise comes from the tweeters on the front near the left and right ends? Because the tweeters connected to the analog signal usually have this situation,this is normal.