Copyright abuse hurts music too

I have always had strong feelings that copyrights should be much, much shorter than they are. The intent in making them in the first place was to encourage people to publish their work rather than hide it, and it is clear at this point that we are way past that point - most things that are published would still be published with much shorter copyright terms. But that has always been from my perspective as a consumer.

This article makes a strong case that the current copyright regime actually hurts creators badly as well, and tends to make it harder to create music out of fear of lawsuits for being too similar to something else, at least here in the US. Thought it worth a read and relevant here in the land of music.


That’s an interesting and valid point.

The cooperations are always thirsty to get you for the quick buck matter what it takes these days.

I didn’t read, but I totally get it!

Music has so many notes (a piano generally has 8/12 octives) each scale notes, A to G. Most music is from lower G to Top C (if you can reach it!)

A mix of probably 20 notes (just a guess) and there’s only a limited way each can be played in certain ways to make enjoyable music.

Cords (like a guitar) number even less, and so there’s even fewer combos.

To say … Your song has the same notes n tune as mine, is so selfish.

I think a particular “tune” should have a copyright of just 2 years. Why so short? Well music is forever changing, with most songs staying in the top 40 for a few weeks at a time.

I think if you can prove that your song/tune is.still popular after 2 years, can extend it… Say, bohemian rhapsody!

This way, we can enjoy music.too, without the … Was that so n so.tune in the middle.of a song… Come on, we’ve all done it.

Updated thought.
I also feel if a song is 67% original, then you can’t sue… Or shouldn’t be allowed to.


Or is there only 4 chords - as per this video (this isn’t their only video if you want to see more)