Core Update 4 | Liberty 2 Pro is Here!

With ya on that one!

With the amount of Soundcore team members who have checked in so far, I think a lot will be handled by them, they might needs some mods to mop up over the weekends and holidays if the community keeps growing…

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Kinda odd the leader board was restricted to the top 10, I still don’t quite get the why behind that move but it has made it a little calmer around here lol!

For prizes I say it will always be Soundcore hardware as my preference. I have had a job years back we’re I was given many items for personal use so I’d understand the products better and it definitely worked. I remember a specific router I was given that I was very unsure of the brand and reliability in general. That router lasted me three years and I gave it to my mother-in-law and she used it for 4 more. Totally changed my mind on the brand. It kind of makes you an ambassador of the brand if you use and like something then you will tell people. I just need the opportunity to test so I can share with confidence you know?

Congrats to the winners !
I 10th @ndalby as mod :rofl: and so as @TechnicallyWell and @Tank for sure ! They all deserve it.
Where is the @Insider by the way, he is good for that too I believe!
Of course, @gANKstER, @Shenoy @TechMan @TheCharneco @Thanuj_Fernando @Seth22 and so many in the race for Contributor title :innocent:


I would just like to see where I am in the top 50!

I want to get to 21-30!!

Aww shucks thanks @TechMan @Fuu_bar @ndalby @Shenoy @Ice on recommending me for a moderator. I would love to be part of the team, but as with all things that is up to the bosses. Cheers none the less and good luck to everyone.

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I noticed you put my name first- that makes me your favorite right :rofl::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you @Ice This means a lot to me,

Thanks once again

I just went down the list

Thanks @Ice. I really appreciate it :grinning:

Oh I’m sure that’s exactly what happened :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It would be great if we could get a poll or some sort of summary on proposed members to be moderators, responsibilities and any other key info. Would appreciate it if you, @Tank and @Thanuj_Fernando could lead this for me. I can then review it in full when I’m back from holiday.


Sounds good!! Should a new topic be created, or should I create something here?

Perhaps a new topic. Just keen to gather all the info into one place and then when I’m back I can keep us moving quickly :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Sounds good :grin:

Sounds good @Loz

Will PM @Thanuj_Fernando and @Tank soon

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My vote goes to my 3rd cousin Seamus :muscle:t2:

Okay, no more made up characters :joy:

Sounds more interesting!!

After the 250 Event…now it’s turn for another polling for mods :+1:

Well technically he’s not made up, just has no interest in signing up - as he didn’t use my referral code.

On second thoughts I take back my vote lol

Lol I figured this was one of those made up “1000 cousins” :joy: