Core Update 4 | Liberty 2 Pro is Here!

What a week! It’s been great to read all the feedback and reactions to the launch of our new earphones. Also, this is already the 4th Core Update which means the Collective is already a month old :partying_face: It’s been great fun chatting with you guys and welcoming lots of new members to the Collective!

- Collective News -

A New Era In Sound: Event Recap
@Loz shared an in-depth recap of our Launch event so you can familiarize yourself with all our new releases.

Soundcore in The News
@will gave us an overview of the early responses from media outlets such as The Verge and CNET.

- Last Day of the 250 Launch Prize Party -
Winners will be announced on the community tomorrow, so stay tuned! Starting today you’ll only be able to see the Top 10 members and the available prizes. Talking of prizes, what would you like to see up for grabs? Let me know in the comments below :gift:

- National Holiday Notice -
October 1st marks the start of a week-long holiday for our headquarters here in China! You’ll probably notice that the Collective will be a little quieter than usual from our end and it will be at least a week until Points and Notes are updated.

- Collective Moderators -
Also, @Loz would like to start bringing moderators on board to support our work on the Collective. Since some of you have been active on Anker’s Community before, we’d like for you to share your thoughts on what their current moderators do over there, whether you think they should do the same on here, or if you think they should do anything else?

- Awards of the Week -

This week’s winners are…

Review of the Week: No correct reviews uploaded.

Gallery Upload of the Week: @star100’s “Love is…”, we loved your creativity :hibiscus:

Best Thread of the Week: @Josham’s “Liberty 2 Pro - Pros and Cons”, it’s great for us to see some genuinely honest opinions which lead to an interesting discussion!

Giveaway Winner: @s0undray Please direct message @Loz with your email address and delivery address :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you all!

- Deals & Steals -

Pre-Order Liberty 2 Pro Now
If you haven’t ordered your pair of Liberty 2 Pro yet, there’s still time! Until October 8th, those of you living in the US, UK, and Germany can get 21% off.

Test Life Q20 Noise-Canceling Headphones for Free
If you like reviewing products, don’t miss out on the opportunity to test Life Q20 for free. Head over to the Anker Community’s Testing Club to apply!

Hope you all have a great week, I’m off to enjoy the sunshine! :sunny:


Today is going to be a day of the top 10 cycling back and forth for position. Best of luck to everyone and congrats to Soundcore on your first month!

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Thanks for the updates again @Hannah before your week of sunshine & fun :grin:

Congrats to @star100 on her gallery win & @josham & @s0undray on their respective wins

Seems weird how only the top 10 can been seen, a lot of things can change in a day for everyone (as a points jump showed me overnight :fearful:)


I’m nowhere near top 250 let alone top 10. Good luck to everyone with their names in the hat for the big prizes :crossed_fingers:t2:


Thanks for the update @Hannah and congrats to the winners!


Sweet. So I guess the contest is still going on :thinking:. So I still have a chance for 1st… I just need everyone else to stop farming and give me a chance :joy:

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:wink: :grin:


Goodluck everyone!

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Aw what lovely news to come home from work to - thank you to Soundcore for picking my photo as gallery upload of the week!!

And well done to the other winners!


About prizes. I’m not really sure what these are prizes for, but i really like the speakers from the icon series, and the rave series. I would love to see these as upcoming prizes.

As far as moderators go, I think that they should have all the same responsibilities as on anker. In addition I think that they should be given certain topics to post. For instance- some of the posts that have been being posted by the soundcore staff could be posted by them. They could receive PM’s regarding all the information on a topic they need to post, and then they can write it and post it.

I also think that moderators should receive compensation in the payment of notes. These can then be traded in for soundcore products or coupons. They could receive perhaps 200 notes per month. This is (somewhat) equivalent to $40 per month- in soundcore products. Of course you can choose the exact number.

I’ll let you know if I come up with any more ideas

Oh and I nominate @Tank


Woo hoo! Thanks for the update, @Hannah, and congrats @star100, @josham, and @s0undray!

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Thanks for update :+1:. I can’t believe it has nearly been a month :smile:

Hahaha I went into beast mode yesterday thinking it was ending yesterday

I would throw my vote to @ndalby for sure, he does an awesome job on Anker’s forum and I think he would do great here too. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind it myself, but he has shown initiative over there and hopefully wouldn’t get overloaded here too lol

I would also 2nd @TechMan’s suggestion of @Tank as well. He is super active in the community and on the live stream and has an expansive knowledge of everything Anker, as shown in multiple posts/updates


I third this as well as @ndalby and even @gANKstER and @TechnicallyWell.


Thanks for the vote of confidence chaps @Fuu_bar & @TheCharneco :slightly_smiling_face:

I would also like to 2nd / 3rd @Tank for a mod position…have a small feeling the Collective might want to go with new blood for the new community :wink:


Congrats to everyone. Thanks @TheCharneco for thinking of me! I’m sure they will choose wisely for the moderators.


Congratulations to the winners!!

I would really like to see same set of moderaters as Anker community, and may be add third mod as Tank.

It would have been really good to see more “Soundcore” folks do the moderation THAN depend on community members