Custom Designs for Soundcore Products

Found some custom design for Soundcore products which are sold in Bulk, mostly by iPromo

Interesting, companies may do this for some kind of giveaway at the offices or for customers :+1:

You never seen this before? A lot of companies buy certain products in bulk and do this. There was one company I worked for that did this every year with different products for Christmas.

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The only thing I knew was about Dbrand skins for Anker PowerCore devices…and many had requested for Soundcore but never found any… Thought this might be useful.

I will suggest this at my office to see if they are interested

Gotcha, yeah it would be cool to see more companies use soundcore products instead of cheap generic products

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That’s pretty cool. I wish the vendors I work with and my work with would give us stuff like this. Ours gives us coffee mugs and other stuff we don’t need or want.


I like the fact that it’s just not generic flash drive etc.

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at company, have received wireless charging pad, Bose headsets, backpacks, and some water tumblers… so soundcore kind of goodies would be the best

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Some customization would definitely be a cool feature on a future model Liberty series.

MEE Audio offers it for their in-ear monitors, it’s nothing major, just a plate that you can change. Is it a huge selling point? Probably not, but i’m sure it can’t hurt… and it’s extra revenue from anyone that wants it.


Refuse it!
If not taken, they will change those kind of “gifts” probably.

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Bose headsets are better then soundcore headsets (generally).

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You can send me some of those tech toys you don’t want :slight_smile:

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