Custom hearID issue

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I have a issue with the custom hearID in software tuning with my liberty 3 pro… I customize it with the higher tuning on the left (I hurt my left ear before so it’s not as sensitive as the right) as shown in the photo below; but I notice that from time to time the tuning “disappear” after some time, I have to click into the soundcore software specifically in the custom hearID again then only I get the sound tuning back to how I set it for the left (sound “opened” obviously for the left after I click in)… I am confirmed with this issue as I experienced this for the fourth time this morning… maybe soundcore need to look into this issue :thinking: thanks

Unsure on the disappearing as it could be some kinda routine that you are doing or a potential issue with them (I do not have those). Are you signed into the app or are you doing it not signed it?

You can contact for other tech support.

I would reset the earbuds, as well as the phone as may help as well.


I agree with Duane. I’m not sure why that’s happening. I personally use a custom EQ and have never noticed it disappearing.

Make sure you’re signed in and if it continues, contact Customer Support.

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Yup I do signed into the app. It seems like following the custom tuning instead of custom hearID from time to time. Will contact soundcore service n thanks for your feedback as well as @steve976


ISTR if you had a firmware upgrade you had to re-do custom settings. Did you notice if was recent firmware upgrade and then custom settings gone?

Hi, I can’t recalled when exactly this issue started, n it seems like I have to click into it every time now for the left to reactivate… but how do I redo custom setting? U mean I need to retest again for hearID? Bcoz the custom hearID is always there after setting (either I turn in on or off)

Anyhow I have emailed soundcore service n waiting for their reply. Thanks

It has been a bit since I did the custom hear id but I do not remember an individual hear id for each ear. It could be that there is an issue going from a one to an individual ear id that is causing a deselection of the hear id.

Just thinking as well, I was thinking somebody in a thread talked about one of the devices was resetting the hear id upon maybe a certain action.

This problem occurred every time I took it from the case (n also when reconnected to Bluetooth) since I did the custom hearID setting two weeks ago (but that time I focus on the battery drain problem n didn’t notice this imbalance). Maybe anyone of u can try to do something similar n test it out, maybe it’s a defect only in my item :thinking: Anyhow soundcore service already notified n awaiting for their solution. Thanks in advance :pray:

Got an email replied from soundcore service an update of new firmware latest by next Mon to solve this issue :pray: (already got updated just now)

Soundcore is the most responsive n supportive after sales service company so far for my experience :+1::sparkles:

(fyi HP, Asus :-1:)


Good outcome :+1:

But issue remain unsolved with the latest 4.75 firmware :sweat_smile: already feedback to soundcore service…

Add Dell the the :-1:. I am still irked at them and son’s gaming pc s Glad they got it worked out for you

This is out of topic but I would like to seek advise on handphone brand with reliable after sales support; worst experience for my first flagship phone from Asus after sales support… I’m now start saving for my next phone n targeting Lenovo, anyone have experience to share?

I believe every electronic gadget have its own software n bug issue, but at least after sales support should play a role being supportive n responsive but Asus fail to meet my expectation… I’ll stick with the brand forever if they can act like soundcore service :+1:t2:

I choose a gaming phone bcoz I don’t take photo at all n not playing any games but surprisingly Asus sounds amazing… try to target a phone maximize the performance spec with its price n will keep my ROG phone as a MP3 player… Thanks

(Updated list for :-1: after sales support: HP, Asus, Dell)

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