Dbrand skins for Anker/Soundcore products (like the Liberty 2 Pros)

How do Dbrand product selections even work exactly? Would Anker send them samples of their product and request skins, or is it the other way around? And would Dbrand even agree, or would they only do so if the product sells insane amounts, (or good for memes).

Liberty 2 Pros would be easy, since it would just be a small oval on the earpiece. The case itself…Likely a bit trickier.


Already been posted about before :wink:. Always good to do a quick search before creating a new thread

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Yes they probably would. They love to do random shit for no reason.

And tbh, they would for sure sell at least a few.

They already partner with JRE and as he partnered with soundcore I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to get along and partner with each other.

I’d get a skin for my earbuds.

I’d get a skin for my powerbank if I had a compatible one.

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Actually, I really like the grey on black original color of my L2P. I wouldn’t put any stickers on it. So that’s a hard pass on stickers for my earbuds

Dbrand skins aren’t exactly stickers.

They’re full skins that are specially designed for the product they go on and can be removed at any time.

I doubt they could make skins for the buds themselves though, just the case.

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Yep! I know what dbrand skins are. I have one on my laptop but for some reason I really like the look and feel of both earbuds and case just the way they are. This, of course, is just my opinion.

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Fair enough. Still waiting on mine to come ;_;

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