(DE) 24.03 Angebot des Tages : Souncore 2 : 29.99 Euro


Nice little sale over there.

The 10 euros saved can be put into a monkey piggy bank😁.


The monkeys told me they gave all their little money they owned to that “Greensill” bank (got bankrupt) :cold_sweat:

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You need to cheer them up quickly and throw in not coins, but banknotes.:grinning:
Good evening and night!

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They told me, in the future no more stupid money, they are not able to handle :
They will ask for Bananas

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I have something better:

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What about that old one?

That’s one of the most liked monkey enginner’s songs!
May be the rum!

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If you want to watch a kids show how about this.

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They like rum, you say …
Now they are engineers, and they used to be … :thinking:

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Funny " earlay"
Really Irish.
I like the slang so much of the “old Paddies”
(NOT OFFENSIVE! :smiley:)

Paddy is a diminutive of Patrick.
Many Patricks in Eire.

Beannú do dhuine i dteangacha éagsúl

No Irish here! Slainte!

Rum, whiskey … nice past.:kissing::thinking:
But it was - gone, they are engineers and decent people - sorry- monkeys​:+1:t2::grinning:

I am an engineer by myself.
Will not tell more about me. :rofl::rofl:

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Ok, we finish this.:+1:t2:
Soundcore 2, monkeys, bananas, rum, pirates, whiskey. He should definitely come here @The_Professor and clean up!:grin: