(DE) Soundcore Space NC: 29,99 € amazon.de

Soundcore Space NC:
39,99 €- 10,00 € (25%)=29,99 €


Those have been slowly decreasing in price off in on for a bit. I think it was over 40 for a while til now.

I am most curious what the price of L2Pro will be soon …
The L3P is a very attractive product in terms of price, features and appearance.

Excelent price for nice headphones. I own those. It’s an old model but it’s former flagship.


Nice for our DE friends. Thanks for sharing! :+1:


Space… the final frontier… these are the soundcore space nc… their mission…

Very nice deal, and very nice looking over ears.

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@TheSnarkyOne For the price :clap:, the look is really great and the noise reduction .

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