Diferencia de sonido

Is it normal that on my motion plus, the right side sounds louder than the left side?

I don’t own a Motion+ or any device that is compatible with Soundcore app so not very sure if this will work. But go to the Soundcore app and see if the balance between right and left is not uneven. It might’ve changed somehow but try to make sure of that. Also listen to several songs and see if it’s happening for all of them

Of course last option is to contact customer service at service@soundcore.com if nothing works from above


How did you check this?
Are you sure the balance of the channels is in the middle!

This is the example for LINUX Mint


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Thanks for your responses guys. Find out why this happens. It is because I use a custom EQ through the app. I put it in normal and it no longer happened. So it’s something that would be good to work on for the next firmware update.

You should use a MP3-Player with a 10 band eq.
So you can check all this out perfectly.
( I never use the app. LINUX has no such apps :smiley:)