Disabling touch controls

I would like to disable all “one touch” controls.
Everytime I am trying to better for the earbuds, my music skips to the next track. I hate that.
I want to be able to disable touch controls.
Thank you.

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Which product are you referring to?

I am using Life P3.
I have the app, but it does not allow turn off one-touch controls.

Can you switch them to something like Volume Up and Down? That way it wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

Are you sure the option is not there?

On my iOS version of the Soundcore app, it’s under Device Settings/Controls/Single Tap

There is a toggle to turn Single Tap off there as well as assign different settings to the Single Tap (if toggled ON) such as Volume +, Next track, Previous track, Play / Pause…


That On/Off button only works for “Single” button touches. For some unfathomable reason it will still allow “Double” and “Long” presses of the touch. So you go to adjust the bud and something else goes off. I had to set all of my controls to “play/pause” because everything else was driving me crazy.
Please grant us the ability to DISABLE ALL TOUCH. PLEASE!

I can see 3 buttons towards the top of that screen (above the picture of a right-hand ear), “Single Tap”, “Double Tap”, “Hold for 2 sec”. Maybe have to turn off for all the 3 functions?