Does LDAC = Hi Res? Soundguys article

While I am not convinced I know enough to opine for or against… I thought this article from a few years back was an interesting read…

As much as I’d like to test out, I’m iOS through and through so I’ll enjoy what I can max with the iPhone and the 35s… and yes they sound superb…

What do you figure about LDAC and Android, will it future proof your music listening?


I would dare to say most people won’t notice the difference but for those that do and it matters for ldac means non iPhone choice

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I think LDAC is great.
Unfortunately, access to high-resolution files is difficult. A monthly subscription to Tidal or Spotify is, however, a large expense in Poland. I don’t think many people use it. People prefer worse audio quality with ads, but for free.

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Ldac is vague, there’s 3 speeds and even if phone supports it uses auto negotiation meaning can be no better.

The Bluetooth implementation, the size and placement of the antenna, the battery size, matter more to get good LDAC.

Bluetooth on most systems have a 2Mbit max, the codec has 1Mbit max, so it doesn’t take much interference to make one person’s experience differ from another.

The focus on LDAC is a path to false conclusion as you can see a review where the Bluetooth signal form some other device is good and YMMV.

I’d recommend keeping skepticism higher where the size of the audio product is smaller, where battery smaller, antenna smaller, and the closer to the ear as the human body absorbs Bluetooth.

Answer: diversity of reviewers.

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Nice article. Thanks

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Nice article. Thanks for posting.

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