Does Soundcore life 2 neo support AAC codec?

The soundcore life 2 neo is just released in my country for a reasonable price and I want to buy it. But I couldn’t find any information about which audio codec techs does it support. Does it support AAC?

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No. SBC only. More info:

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I think that might be a misprint or an omission @VertigoXX. I thought they all support AAC since that’s what you get with IOS (Apple). I find it hard to believe they would exclude that market. I don’t know it for a fact, just what makes sense.


It can be missprint. But according official info there is SBC only.
@Suleyman_Kerem_Cakir I think the best way would be to ask by email


Thanks, I’ll look into it. If it doesn’t support AAC, I’ll save a little more and buy a Q20 instead.

As others have said, I doubt it does not support AAC, and to wait for reply to email from

AAC is a very low cost codec, I very much doubt it is not supported, so recommend waiting for a reply.


Due to my impatience and negative reviews of Q20, I ordered the Life 2 neo and started using it. Sadly it doesn’t support AAC. But it’s not a problem because it’s sound quality is amazing and it’s reaction for EQ is pretty good, you can improve it with personalized EQ settings. The material they used and build quality is good for it’s price range. I can only say 2 things as a negative feedback and those would be 1-It doesn’t support AAC and 2-Max sound level isn’t that high ( Atleast for me ). Anyway I’m very satisfied personally. Thank you all for your comments