Dun, Dun, Duuun Where did it come from?

Well after a little bit of time away from the community due to a snow related power outages (harder to be active when you are getting cold :rofl: ) . It is nice to be back more consistently. As I was getting on the internet, I saw this in the recommendation before you go to a web page.

Interesting that the Dun, Dun, Duuun actually came from a song.


Dun, Dun Duun… The origin is “Dun” ane (sic) :smiley:

Interesting article. Props for Young Frankenstein. :+1:

Beethoven’s 5!

Tam, tam, tam Taaam. better known! :grin:

Had fun reading the article. Thanks

This Dun Dun is different than the Law and Order Dun Dun. From what I remember it is a combination of sounds including a dozen sounds, including an actual gavel, a jail door slamming, and five hundred Japanese monks walking across a hardwood floor.

I still find that a little hard to believe…