Earbud stays connected to phone via bluetooth AFTER being put back in case + Power Drain on Right Bud

Just got my Brand New Liberty 2 Air Pro earbuds delivered yesterday, The sound is great, but noticed a few hours after putting them back in their case, that they were still connected to my phone via bluetooth! so stopped/started bluetooth on the phone and thought nothing of it. Today, i took the buds out of the box to use them and the Right bud is down to 10% battery, Left is 100% …WTF!!! Are these faulty or have i missed something with these buds? Do i need to manually power them off (can you even do that?) before putting them back in there case? Can anyone advise on this?

Look for debris, and consider cleaning with isopropyl alcohol the contacts in case and on buds. Could be a bit of something tiny got into case or on buds so look.

The earbud is probably not detected the case so not turning off and possibly not charging.

If you don’t find some debris, as they are brand new with this issue, the need for cleaning is going to be low so as new it suggest more likely a fault so if you don’t get better help consider email service@soundcore.comn with serial number and proof of purchase information, and then allow for the weekend to pass for response.

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Whether it is debris or just not properly dropped in place, the issue is clearly that the bud was not detected as being in the charger - so it both didn’t charge and stayed connected to the phone.

If replacing and / or cleaning don’t fix the problem, the charging case might be bad. But I have had issues where I just didn’t put the bud in properly and it didn’t charge because of it. But only once or twice, and quickly jiggling it usually fixes the problem.

Thanks for your responses guys, i have noticed that the left bud sits more securely in the case than the right bud, the right one feels quite “loose” in there, so maybe that’s the problem, i also had the case in my rucksack, so it was on it’s side , so maybe the right bud just fell off it’s contact…will keep an eye on this to see how it goes. Thanks for the info!

Once it is in place, the combination of the fit and magnetic hold should keep it in place, it is more common for it to not get into place in the first place than to fall out of place after fitting well.

Open case and turn case upside down. I think case should hold them. Make sure no residuals from the stickers are still there. As you said if case not fully closed it may stayed on.

If the connection is not that good and the right bud does briefly bounce up off connection, say the lid opens a little, it will connect to phone and then stay connected.

If the issue is minor but happens every now and then, an elastic band around the case would reduce the chance.

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