Eulogy for the cassette adapter


Thanks for share

There are still some people loyal to cassettes

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DAC is where it’s at… lol

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I just had a great idea. My wife uses this old Jam Box to play some radio tunes when she decides to lay out during the summer when she does not get out her speaker from another company. LOL

I bet I can get one of the cassette adapters and hook it up to a device and play spotify or etc.through the adapter. So modernizing a 1980’s jam box.

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Thanks for the share

Lollllll see we had a thought like that in my family once for an old stereo radio thing that had a cassette tape reader so we actually bought on of those adapters and it just didn’t always work the best and was more work than fun :joy: now the adapter sits in my dads car usually unused since the radio is just easier

Dang it. Old technology. LOL

I mean you can still try it if you want it might work for you lol

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No need to try it til this summer LOL