Fake Soundcore Earbuds….Again

Imitation is the highest form of flattery….but it’s also illegal….

I know Soundcore is amazing but got to love the effort in this company trying to be a Soundcore product unless it’s a Soundcore product I have never heard or seen anything about before. Also if you look at the site the call it the vida and then later call it the life P2…:thinking::thinking::thinking:…. Seems a little :tropical_fish:y to me… vida is Spanish for life so maybe they think translating will fool people?

Just a warning to those not as familiar with Soundcore These are not Soundcore earbuds

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There’s a report button.

Who’d buy anyway?

looks like it’s gone now. link is dead. Victory! :partying_face:

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Nice find. I’ve seen some. But they normally disappear before I can report it.