Flare stops working

Having issues with the flare 2 speakers I use them on my laptop for surround sound in my bedroom when watching shows and listening to music and charge them as needed depending on usage amount daily but they still seem to have issues when it comes to the party cast system I only have 2 of them and they tend to rather stop working all together and sometimes just shut off or the second speaker pairs to primary will stop working and I have a repeat of me trying to repair it and it will continue to stop and shut off with no explanation and I have even switched primarily which worked for a bit but the problem came back what can be done for this warranty doesn’t know what to do and the only way I see this getting fixed is buying a whole different sound system or the Rave which is more of a one spot speaker I love the port ability of the flare and the multi use it provides but I don’t need a large speaker that also takes up 10 times the space than the little ones do