Foam Tips for Liberty 4?

There’s just something off for my left ear, and tips don’t like to stay in that one. Are there any foam tips that are compatible or potentially compatible with the Liberty 4?

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There probably are, but I don’t think the Heart-rate monitor would work then. I seem to recall people using Comply foam tips for other Soundcore Earbuds. I think one of the reviewers mentioned using foam tips. Let me see if I can find the review. If so I’ll edit the post.

Edit I found this review where he says he had to use two different sizes of tips. It at about the 4 minute mark. I still seem to remember someone else mentioning foam tips, but I’m at a loss ATM. Maybe it was El Jefe?

I’ve tried mixing sizes as well. I think it’s just the silicone. These have the oval posts so I wasn’t sure if foam tips that weren’t specifically made for them would sound “right”.

OK, I found it. It was El Jefe. It’s at about the 4:30 mark. He used Spinfit CP360, but they are also Silicone… He has an Amazon link for them on the YouTube review.

The foam tips for galaxy buds works on my sport x10s.

Crystalline Audio size M/S.
Barcode0 19962 15811 7
Hole round but conforms to the L4.
No HRM as should expect
Helps a little with bass.
The stock buds are easier to pop in n out. Foamies need to scrunch in with a twist. Both can loosen if windy or other heavy movements. Feel a little more pressure with foamies.