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I have noticed you can exchange notes earned or won in the community for money off coupons.
Can these be used when there is a special offer on an item?

e.g. Soundcore Mini 3 at the moment has an offer, but the text says.

Limited time offer, valid until June 14th! Cannot be combined with other offers.
(£32.99) £26.39

Anyone done this?


I am almost sure the answer is no.

I think the coupon is your discount.

If you are active on the community, you can level pretty quickly at the lower levels. If you do your comments n a share on social media a day, it about 600 points. I think that would give you about 80. One win from core update activity and you have over 100 notes and that is worth 20 off.

I’m also relatively confident the answer is no. I had at one point had a thread asking a whole bunch of questions about how these notes coupons worked but it seems to have been deleted since I can’t find it from search but know for a fact it had existed and held a bunch of answers at one point…. Feels like I’m losing my mind.

Usually with coupons they can’t be stacked so if you got two ten dollar ones it can’t be stacked for twenty dollars nor can they be applied to an existing discount

:thinking: I’ve been wondering about that too. Is such a double discount possible …

A $20 coupon isn’t twice the number of notes of the $10 one.

I tried to make an order at Headphones that did not have a price cut had a “discount coupon” column.
Headphones that were on promotion and had a price reduction - did not have the “discount coupon” column.
It follows that you cannot buy with a double discount. :frowning:


Does anyone knows how coupons in USD affect price in GBP or EUR? If 10 USD coupon gives 10 GBP discount in UK shop and 10 EUR discount in DE and EU shops?

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I wondered if you could use a points coupon if the item was already on sale myself.


Does anyone know in which stores you can use the discount coupon, is it just Soundcore or also amazon? Have any of you made purchases using a discount coupon?

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Coupons just for use on a Soundcore website.

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@TheSnarkyOne Thanks for the information. But is it only or the others, for example, too?

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No there are other sites too.

Can select country / region in top right corner of the website. There is also for USA and Canada.


@TheSnarkyOne Thanks again for the information :slightly_smiling_face:.

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The German site is funny.
Some errors, why not.
There the expression “immersion” is used".
It exists in German as well, but really nobody knows the meaning. :laughing:
In the next photo “Abtauchen / Eintauchen” is used,
which is absolutely correct.
Sorry, I can not resist (old teacher I am) :joy:

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