Framing Britney

The media are vicious, people can be very cruel too. I think some forget that celebrities are also human beings, their own person with rights, feelings and emotions. They deserve a private life and some space to recharge, just like we have. A public persona and private person is how it should be, not all lines blurred and no boundaries or respect.
Some of the problems are the portrayals of men and women, and also children/minors. I hope attitudes are improving, minors should never be sexualised!
Reporters/interviewers also need to ask better/appropriate questions. This still happens and it’s awful. Maybe there is public interest, however, that’s irrelevant when they don’t deserve or need to know so it’s a stupid excuse for sensationalism.

I agree.

I think there should be certain times that they should be able to get their pictures. I really think there is a fine line between getting a picture for the entertainment magazine and stalking. Princess Di is a good example.

There are many that needs that private time to relax.

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Yes, I don’t like the fact that they take photos without permission and literally hound people, even when they have their kids and babies with them.
Also, when they take pictures of kids without permission. They didn’t choose to be born to a famous person! Let them have as much of a childhood as they can get, without cameras being shoved in their face!
Constant scrutiny wears on a person. Even extroverts need quiet time at some point, it’s exhausting to have to put up a front all the time. Sure, they could just be completely open instead, but then they will be ripped apart by cruel people and potentially lose all self esteem and sense of who they are in the process. They can’t win, they’re viewed as either secretive and hiding something or shameless and vulgar.
What happened to Princess Di was an awful tragedy that was completely avoidable. They lost all their senses in pursuit of glory and money.


Really strange situation there. As far as I can tell, she is still in that mixed up situation because she doesn’t want to get out of it completely, or feels it is still needed. Very strange.

True, it’s about having the forbidden. So those that are more reclusive tend to draw more $$ for shots. Those available more drive less demand and chasing because they are always in the eye.

Poor Britney has it bad on both sides and lots of controversy to drag out.

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