Future Products

Hi there,
I am a big fan of your liberty 3 pro. I always need some ear hooks or wingtips so earbuds stay in my ear. And stem style earbuds always hurt my ears. So the soundcore liberty 3 pro were my best bet and earbuds.

But I hope there will be an improved version of it in the future. Maybe a second gen.

  1. Even the largest wingtip on my right side could be bigger. I use R3 as wingtip but I wished there would be an R4.
  2. I hope you can improve the anc. It was nice but there could be more.
  3. If they stay this big maybe swipe gestures for volume control on both earbuds.
  4. A little more battery life.
  5. Pls keep the small round nozzle. I don’t like this big Oval nozzle for my ears. I use spinfit c360 and cp1025 and they are hard to get on Oval nozzles. Oval nozzles are big and hurt ears.
  6. Upgrade the soundcore widget for Homescreens. It needs some improvements.

PS I also love the X10 Sport, the A10 sleep and the space a40. I hope we get a second generation of this earbuds as well.