Guys what's your favorite pop punk songs

Let me know what’s your favorite pop punk songs


won’t tell you

my chemical romance

Millencolin - No cigar

Sorry don’t have any recommendations for that genre :frowning:

Circle Jerks

coba dengerin cubfires bang, band lokal manteb

Taking back Sunday… Wezzer🤘🫡

Just sach a fuck up

Fall-out boy this ain’t a scene…

Not Pop but banging

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Ritüel -She Past Away

Lol. I liked this reply

Hot Mulligan has been on my playlist lately. I’m an elder Emo. I’m from the Blink and Green Day era.


I love Agent Orange anything

Neck deep- december

Catapults - A-Okay

If you’re looking for a stronger punk sound check out IDLES! Never fight a man with a perm is a good song to start with

Anything by Susioux & The Banshees is usually pretty good. :smiley:

Lately I’ve been on microwave, and always love the story so far

Check out Milly Manders and the Shut Up…Ska punk. Silent scream, & Bitter are my favourites